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Set up teams and users

Create teams

  • Go to settings > users > teams
  • Click on 'create team'
  • Add your team name and hit return. The team will appear on the list. To add more teams, repeat the steps

Add users

  • Go to settings > users > users

  • Click on invite user to enter their details
  • You can add them to a team you have created by clicking on the drop down menu (optional)
  • If you want to make them admin of this team you can select the team from the team admin drop down (optional)

Adding users to a team

  • If the user is already in the system you can add them to a team by clicking on their name and selecting the team(s) from the drop down menu.

Making a user and administrator

  • You can invite a user to be an administrator
  • When you add them make sure the tick box 'is administrator in organisation' is checked

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