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Dashboard group management

You can use groups on your dashboard to manage all of your accounts.

  • Go to your social media dashboard
  • Click on the three circles in the top right corner
  • Choose 'Manage Groups'

  • You will then have the option to create groups
  • Type the name of your new group and click on the '+' button to see it appear in the list
  • If you are finished adding groups, click on save

  • When you have groups you can also edit the names by clicking on the Edit symbol and retyping. Just click on the save icon next to the name and then the save button for the whole groups.
  • You will then see your groups at the top of your dashboard. Go to these groups to add your streams.

IMPORTANT: If you delete groups you will also delete all streams within that group and other users will lose access to the group and the streams

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