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Scheduling posts

Scheduling updates

  • To schedule a post you need to go to the post update box on your social media dashboard.
  • Compose your update as you were going to post it
  • Click in the date picker and choose a date to schedule publishing

Viewing scheduled updates

  • To view your scheduled posts, go to the schedule
  • In here you will see a calendar of all your schedule posts
  • You can suspend all of them or individually
  • Just click in the individual post to edit the content or the date and time you would like to post
  • You can also suspend and unsuspend individually within the update
  • You can sort the list of scheduled items by the time they were created or by the time they are due to be published
  • You can also click on the item in the calendar to view the schedule for the day
  • You can hide or unhide the calendar

Showing schedule in your social dashboard

  • Go to 'add streams' from the three dots in the top right of the dashboard
  • Choose 'schedule' and select the types of accounts you want to show
  • This will now display as a stream on your social dashboard which you can share with your teams

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