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Creating a newsletter or release

To create a press release from your case click on the press release icon 

  • A pop up will show which is a basic template
  • If you want to choose a pre-defined template click on 'load template' and choose from the list. Read more about creating press release templates.
  • You can update the text and add images and links using the editor - please note: images are not resized so ensure they are an appropriate size to send in an email before adding it to the release
  • The 'click here to unsubscribe' allows the recipient to unsubscribe from being sent press releases - they will not be removed from your contact list
  • Scroll down to choose the release date and time
  • Drop down the contacts and select individual ones, or
  • Choose your groups to send to. Read more about creating groups in contacts
  • You can also upload an attachment
  • You will then be able to see delivery reports within the press release
  • If you want to re-send to new contacts, open up your release and go through the process again. It will update and send again to these new contacts.

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