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Using quick updates

Quick updates are pre-loaded text snippets that you can use in your updates that are available to all users. They might also be known as 'canned responses'

Create quick updates

  • To use quick updates you first need to create them in your settings
  • Go to settings > quick updates
  • Click on 'add new'
  • In the box add your clip name and the text you want to save. There is a character counter to ensure it fits in social updates.

Using quick updates

  • From your social dashboard create an update
  • You will see a pin icon - click on this
  • A drop down menu will show your clips
  • Select the clip and it will populate the update box for you to post

Editing quick updates

  • Go to settings > quick updates
  • You will see your list of created clips
  • Click on the editor icon
  • You can now edit and save the text

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