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Using Google maps in your updates

You can include google maps in your updates.

Add your location to your update

  • Go to compose your update

  • Click on the marker icon
  • A Google map will show - please be patient, sometimes it takes a little time for Google to load this
  • The map will default to the location of your IP address
  • You can use the map to zoom in and out and drop a pin elsewhere
  • Once you have dropped your pin, make sure you click on 'attach location'
  • It will be shown as an attachment at the bottom of your update
  • Post the update

How the map looks on your posts

  • When it shows as posted on MusterPoint, it will show the URL of the map
  • When it shows on Twitter it will show a preview of the map which can be clicked on to be taken directly to the map

undecided There is a known issue in relation to this feature. Please check here to see what it is and what we are doing about it.

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