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Searching for news media coverage

This option is only available with paid for media plans. If your plan or contract only covers social media use then you do not have access to this feature. To upgrade please contact us. 

  • To search for news media coverage you need to go to 'coverage' on the dashboard 
  • Click on 'add stream'
  • You will see a pop up to add your search terms
  • Give the stream a name
  • Add your text search term - if you want to add a name of something or someone, make sure it has quotation marks like "Harry Potter"
  • You can now add the following options;
    • Country
    • Sentiment (positive/negative)
    • Language
    • Text (general text search string): you can add multiple text options
    • Time since (this is the last published date you want to go back to - we recommend leaving this open for the first search you perform)
    • Site type (news, blogs, discussion)
    • Site (e.g. get specific results from one particular news site such as,
    • Image label (Find posts containing images with a certain object inside such as 'person', 'wedding', 'sport')
    • Has video? Searches for posts that only have video
  • Once you have added your search parameters, click 'save' 
  • IMPORTANT: if you want to add search terms such as 'search term AND search term, be sure to add your search terms separately in under 'text'  - you may end up with two, three or four search terms in a list to get the correct results
  • Your stream will now appear in the dashboard - please be patient, some search results can take a while to load

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