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What is a Twitter rate limit and how does it affect me?

You may find that your Twitter streams do not refresh for a period of time. This is because Twitter enforces something called ‘rate limiting’.

What this means is that if your Twitter account pulls in too much data in a short period of time it puts a limit for fifteen minutes where you won’t receive any new data in your streams.

This happens in a few scenarios;

  1. if you or any of your users repeatedly hit ‘refresh’ on the streams to see if there are any new updates
  2. If you add new streams in quick succession - particularly if you think you’re not getting any information coming through
  3. If any activity on your account is regarding as spam by Twitter - excessive following, RTing and posting
  4. Multiple log ins and use from different sources and platforms

It’s important to know that any number of your users doing this on one account contributes to your rate limit, so you’ll have to wait until it refreshes after fifteen minutes.

We recommend that you do not manually refresh streams repeatedly and that you do not add streams more than once in groups or unnecessarily add streams that you do not need.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do anything to bypass this limit imposed by Twitter.

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