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Training mode for posting content

You can put basic users into training mode. This means that whenever they post to your social accounts it will need to be approved by an administrator first.

To set up and manage users in approval mode

Note: You can only do this if you are an admin.

  • Go to settings > users
  • Turn the switch for training mode to 'on'
  • When a user now posts an update it will appear in your inbox under 'for approval'
  • From here you can either approve or reject the post

The user will see in their approval stream on their dashboard who approved or rejected the post with the time and date

Managing your approval stream as a user

  • Go to your social dashboard
  • Click on the three dots and choose 'add stream'
  • Click on 'tools' and select 'streams sent for approval'

  • The approval stream will now show on your dashboard
  • When you post an update it will be pending approval from your administrator
  • Once they approve or reject your update it will change status in your stream

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